Monday, November 7, 2016

November 6th Update - Saddleback Community Resort

Latest update from the community group / Peter Stein.

Our fundraising is now underway!!! In case you have questions, we are planning informational meetings for Thursday, November 10th in Portland at Three Dollar Deweys at 6pm and in Farmington, on Monday November 14th 5:30pm at the UMF North Dining Hall. There are some of us (read me) that love nothing more than answering questions about this initiative.

It has been a short two weeks since we reached a complete agreement with the Berry Family. Since then we have:

-Formalized a resort membership package that has received excellent reviews.
-Arranged and conducted a press conference in Portland and a town meeting in Rangeley.
-Geared up personnel and other resources for fundraising
-Initiated and developed a first version of a web site.
-Set up bank accounts with lock box services.
-Developed a fund raising package.
-Merged and managed mailing lists

Our team consisting of many volunteers with solid professional experience, is working feverishly to make the dream of a community owned resort a reality!!

Many of you have asked for a more financial and operational information. We are working on materials to address these and other questions, which we plan to distribute next week.

We have received a great many excellent suggestions on how to improve the resort membership structure. We are listening and tracking all of these ideas. While we cannot make changes to the membership plans during this campaign, once we reach our $4,000,000 target we will examine all the input we received to look for ways to make our membership plans even better. At that time, members will have the opportunity change their plans to take advantage of any new benefits we offer.

If you have already sent in your check THANK YOU. If not, please send it in today. The sooner we can reach our $4,000,000 fundraising target, the sooner we will be able to secure the future of Saddleback Mountain.

Many of you have asked us about operating the lifts this winter. With this goal in mind, we are making a special push to see if we can reach our fundraising target before Cyber Monday. Everyone who sends in their membership payment before November 27, 2016 will get the following extra benefits:

-Royal Tiger/Green Weaver members will have the option of replacing their minor pass with:
-A book of 10 day tickets
-A senior pass (valid for skiers over 65)

Tightline and Dark Wizard Couples special:
Add a Dark Wizard membership for your spouse for an extra $5,000 or a Tightline membership for an extra $3,000, with the purchase of the corresponding plan for yourself. Simply add this fee to your enrollment payment!

All members will AUTOMATICALLY get these benefits when we receive their payment by thanksgiving. I look forward to seeing you at our informational meetings. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Skifully, Peter Stein


Enrollment Form

Payment Form


P.S. If you would like to upgrade your membership to take advantage of our Cyber Monday Special, simply send in the form with the incremental payment, indicate the plan you would like, and indicate on the form that you are upgrading your membership.

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