Monday, January 8, 2018

New Blog Section for Maine Sports

I have added a new blog section titled Maine Sports. For those that follow my twitter feed, you have seen a lot of tweets around Maine high school and college sports, my public address announcing
Doing my "PA Thing" at Bowdoin College
"hobby" as well as skiing in Maine.

So I changed my twitter handle to @MaineSportsFam to more accurately reflect what I am tweeting about. I mostly tweet about:

  • Skiing in Maine - we are still skiing and love to ski in Maine! That's won't change!
  • Public Address Announcing - I am the public address announcer for the football and basketball programs at Bowdoin College and Freeport High School. I have also PA'd for a variety of other college and high school events in Maine.
  • Maine Weather - I recently bought a new weather station and love to tweet out weather temps and rainfall amounts.
  • Maine Sports - I am a big fan of Bowdoin College and Freeport High School athletic programs, but also of sports in general in Maine. Doing PA for state high school Football and Basketball state championships is a thrill and I enjoy following a variety of sporting events in Maine.
  • Iowa Hawkeyes - My dad is an alum and I am forever a Hawkeye fan. Not exactly a Maine thing but whatever. :-)
  • Golfing, Fishing, Hiking etc: - Enjoying these things with my family all that Maine has to offer! I have a few historical blog posts on these topics already which I have tagged for this Maine Sports section.
Some of these tweets may inspire blog posts as time allows. This blog will still be called A Family Skiing in Maine but I decided to add this new Maine Sports section on the blog in hopes I will be inspired to update the blog a bit more often.

So stay tuned, follow me on Twitter and Instagram. My Facebook page will stay ski-focused as we visit ski mountains in Maine. Get out an enjoy all that Maine has to offer!

-Mike Salisbury
@MaineSportsFam "Old Man"

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