Monday, November 7, 2011

Rent Mt. Abram or Camden Snow Bowl for the day!

Maine ski resorts Mt. Abram and Camden Snow Bowl are available for a private full mountain rental through Liftopia!  Apparently you can also rent an entire mountain and staff for the day. That would be sweet.... Maybe I can convince my employer Quantrix / IDBS that we need an employee appreciation day. It is only about $5,000 to rent out the mountain. Piece of cake!

UNFORTUNATELY, in Liftopia's blog post about this new program. they have labeled a picture 'Mt. Abram' when it is really a picture of the Muleskinner trail at Saddleback! Booooo! I think Mt. Abram is a great hill but it "ain't no Saddleback"!

Here is a direct link to the Liftopia blog post:

I pointed out the picture error in the comment section of their blog post but no response as of yet...

NOV 8 UPDATE - They switched out the picture. Liftopia is a pretty good way to save money on day tickets. I am sure I will be mentioning them more in the future.

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