Friday, November 4, 2011

Saddleback Maine - Hosting Ski Races Derailed

Not all the news is good out of our favorite ski mountain Saddleback Maine. It looks like they will not be holding any on-mountain races for Maine youth this year.

The Maine Principals association had to reschedule the Maine State Class A high school meet to from Saddleback to Black Mountain of Maine as indicated by this MPA Bulletin posted at Saddleback had hosted the State meet the past two years and had committed to this year. However, Black should be a great venue for this event with the world class Nordic trails and a very good Alpine hill at the same facility. (See my review of the Black Mountain Alpine Facility)

After reviewing the Maine Alpine Racing Association schedule for children and seeded racers, Saddleback is not listed in any of the meet venues after hosting meets over the past 2 years.

I hear through the grapevine that the person coordinating the races for Saddleback was not coming back this year and no replacement was found. This is too bad because my oldest son raced in the Class C State Championship meet at Saddleback last year and he very much enjoyed racing on his "home mountain". The Grey Ghost trail proved to be a very good course. While of course this means more room for recreational skiers on weekends... I think Saddleback is missing out on an opportunity to showcase the mountain to race families that might not normally ski there.

However, it does look like Saddleback continuing its Junior Alpine Race Development Program which is good. Maybe they will get back on track in 2012-13 for hosting races.


  1. I appreciate your comments on this. It was a tough decision not to do these races, but philosophically we felt it would be better not to these races then to provide a substandard product. By early September, it was clear we were not going to have a team that could deliver the quality that race families expect and deserve to receive. At that time we notified MPA and MARA of our decision. We will revisit this issue for the 2012-2013 Season.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to post Farmboy. Not too many GM's of a major ski area would take the time to comment on blog posts - so your feedback on this topic is appreciated! On the State Meets - Hopefully the MPA will come up with a different schedule for high school state championship meets - as requiring ski-areas to hold them during February break, the busiest week of the ski year - is difficult to say the least!


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