Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Saddleback - Rangeley Chair Off Line for 7-8 Days:

Update from SaddlebackWe have completed all tests. We found one grip with a minor discrepancy. We have replaced that one grip. The chairs will be hung over the next couple of days. We expect the Rangeley chair to be in full operation Monday or Tuesday (Feb 10-11). 

Saddleback announced today in their email newsletter that the Rangeley Chair at is down for maintenance. Fix time 7-8 days from now. I 100% agree with Saddleback putting safety first and applaud them for it... but it will put a strain on uphill capacity this weekend.

My Advice for the weekend - get there early, get up the Sandy and T-bar and lap the Kennabago. Have lunch at the Yurt. With today's snow the skiing should be very good.

Full statement from Saddleback.

The Rangeley is down for maintenance. During a routine daily inspection it was determined that a grip should be taken out of service.  After consultation with our lift maintenance staff and lift manufacturer, as a precautionary measure we are taking the lift out of service until we can complete a more detailed inspection and additional testing of all the grips on the Rangeley Chair.  Once that inspection is complete, the lift will return to service. Estimated completion time is 7-8 days.
Rest assured we will be putting every effort into getting the Rangeley back online. For those of you who are not experienced with the Cupsuptic T-Bar, we will have staff on hand to assist you. The Kennebago Station Yurt will be open each day so you can head to the Steeps! and spend the day up there.

All of us at Saddleback are committed to providing you with the best experience possible under the safest conditions. 

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