Saddleback Maine Ski Trail Map Guide

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Updated for the 2023-24 Season!

With significant investments by the Berry Family and Arctaris, Saddleback now has the youngest lift system in Maine, if not all the east, servicing some outstanding ski terrain for all abilities. With a base lodge elevation over 2,400 feet, an  excellent snowmaking  system and a fantastic grooming team (click links for videos), the snow stays fresher, longer at Saddleback. Check out the great story on Saddleback from SKI Magazine .

Considering a trip to Saddleback? Check out our First-Timer's Guide to Saddleback Ski Area .

New for the 2023-24 season, the Saddleback website now has an Interactive Trail Map !

Read on for our descriptions of all the lifts and trails at Saddleback. NEW FEATURE! Click the button next to the trail name to see a video of us skiing the trail!

A ski trail map for Saddleback Maine Ski Resort

     - Easier             - More Difficult          - Most Difficult              - Extremely Difficult

South Branch Quad Area

Installed in 2004, the South Branch quad chair services an extensive area of beginner terrain below the base lodge. The groomed trails are separated from the more advanced upper mountain terrain creating an excellent learning environment. Down by the base of the South Branch lift is the new Molly Chunkamunk Moving Carpet Lift (installed in 2021) servicing the beginners learning how to ski via the ski school.

The trails serviced from this chair include:

Trail descriptions are ordered from skiers right to skiers left.  To view a high-resolution Saddleback 2023-24 trail map  click here An asterisk (*) next to the trail name indicates this is a MaineSkiFamily favorite!

      Little Inky Boy - A short trail offering a connection to Green Hornet .
      Garrison (Glades) - A nice short gentle glade through a patch of white birches.
      Dusty Miller - A side trail that winds its way back down to the South Branch chair.
      Rooster's - A short side trail off Royal Tiger and links up with Dusty Miller .
      Candlestick - An offshoot trail that links up with Hummer .
       Hummer - Links up with Candlestick to offer a winding path through the woods back to the South Branch chair.
      Royal Tiger  - The main slope under the chairlift. A wide trail offering plenty of room to learn to ski.
      Mrs. Duley (Glades) - A delightful romp among the white birches offering a gentle slope and a great introduction to tree glade skiing. The new Saddleback mountain bike trails wind through this glade providing fun banked turns in the winter. This glade is quite long and parallels  Royal Tiger.
      Gee Whiz (Terrain Park) - Typically set up with features, banks and jumps aimed at the beginning terrain park user. Look for access at beginning of  Smelt  Streamer.
     * Smelt Streamer - Access via a left off the top of  Royal Tiger, this trail offers a  nice gentle pitch through the woods and provides access skiers left to the Parmachenee A-Frames and Mountain Brook Condo developments, eventually making its way back through the woods to the South Branch chair.
       Mountain Brook Access - Mid-way down Smelt Streamer looks skiers left for a short trail accessing the Mountain Brook Condos that jets to the right after the condos back to the South Branch Chair.
      Hornburg  -  Access via a sharp skiers left on Royal Tiger immediately after the White Birch Condos and also gives access to the South Branch condos. Continue on Smelt  Streamer back to the South Branch chair.

MaineSkiFamily Tip: During his 30-year career, artist James Niehues hand-painted over 200 ski resort trail maps, including Saddleback's. We explored every nook and cranny of his Saddleback map in creating this trail guide. All of his work and details about his map-making process are bound in this beautiful 292-page hardcover coffee book. We own two copies of this book and love to explore the ski mountains of the world illustrated in its pages. You can see more details and purchase at this link. #PaidLink

 Sandy Quad Area

A new fixed grip quad chairlift was installed in 2022. Lower Grey Ghost and the Cupsuptic T-Bar is accessible from the Sandy Quad.  These trails can also be accessed via the high-speed Rangeley Quad chair. 

Trail descriptions are ordered from skiers right to skiers left.  To view a high-resolution Saddleback  2023-24 trail map  click here An asterisk (*) next to the trail name indicates this is a MaineSkiFamily favorite!

      *Wheeler Slope (Terrain Park) -  The main terrain park at Saddleback offering bigger jumps and features for the terrain park user. Plenty of chances for the terrain park guru to show off their skills for folks on the Sandy and Rangeley chairs. Non-park skiers can ski down the side of the trail outside of the park back to the lift and lodge.
      Montreal - A short trail where sometimes they build a half-pipe and the exit gets back to Wheeler .
      Gnat - Short trail that works its way back to Wheeler and the base area.
      Squirrel -  Short trail that also makes its way back to Wheeler as well as providing access to some of the Rock Pond condos.

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 Cupsuptic T-Bar Area

A Doppelmayr T-Bar was installed in 2021 which is a great option if Rangeley is on-hold due to wind, and also provides access to the Kennebago lift via . These trails can also be accessed via the high-speed Rangeley Quad chair. 

Trail descriptions are ordered from skiers right to skiers left.  To view a high-resolution Saddleback  2023-24 trail map  click here An asterisk (*) next to the trail name indicates this is a MaineSkiFamily favorite!

        The Pass - A crosscut trail that leads to the Kennebago lift as well as access to all the lower sections of the trails off the Rangeley chair. Its a gentle pitch but keep looking uphill to avoid skiers coming down the various trails. 
      * Parmachenee Belle -   A great ungroomed bump run with opportunities for natural terrain jumps and you can duck in and out of the trees in the top section. The pitch is not too severe once you get past the initial section. The trail splits into two sections near the bottom so ski it twice to do both sides.
        *T-Bar Line  - When the T-Bar is in use, obviously this trail is not open. However, early in the season, and on select days during the season, the mountain opens the T-Bar line for skiing and riding. This trail offers a great fall line. While it is typically groomed for the T-Bar riders, on snowy days there are plenty of opportunities for untracked powder skiers left. 
        *Silver Doctor  - A nice groomed bomber. The top section offers a fairly steep pitch and then it flattens out a bit where you can lay into some big Giant Slalom turns. Looks skiers right for some opportunities for side powder and jumps. 
        Blue Devil -  A narrow winding groomed trail. You can access to Red Devil skiers left after the first main pitch. Very fun trail to ski as it winds down the mountainside. 
        *Red Devil - A wider groomed run. Its an uphill hoof to get to the start of the trail. Coming at this trail down Jitterbug from the Rangeley chair will give you some momentum to get up the hill. Nice view from the top of the trail. Fun opportunities on skiers left for powder stashes and to ski in and out of the trees.
      Woolly Bugger Glade  - One of the newer glades on the mountain. Accessible to the newer glade skier not quite ready for Casablanca, but provides challenges for all abilities. Access to the left of the 'tree island' on Red Devil or a higher, narrow entrance from the Bee Wee Pass cross-cut from Hudson Highway.

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 Rangeley High-Speed Quad Area

Installed in 2020, the Rangeley High Speed Quad loads in the base lodge area and is the main lift up the mountain. The chair serves a nice variety of upper level blue and black level terrain and many excellent glades can be accessed. You can access the upper level Kennebago lift via the Green Weaver trail or The Pass and all the Cupsuptic T-Bar area trails can be accessed from the Rangeley as well. Take a right off the chair to visit the new Mid Mountain Lodge! The trails serviced from this chair include:

Trail descriptions are ordered from skiers right to skiers left.  To view a high-resolution Saddleback  2023-24 trail map  click here An asterisk (*) next to the trail name indicates this is a MaineSkiFamily favorite!

     NW Pass - A crosscut trail that services the lower portions of the Kennebego trails. Great for when the Kennebego is on wind-hold and the top is unreachable. Need to hike up a bit behind the warming hut to access the trail head. First 100 yards is flat to slightly uphill, then a gradual downhill grade. You can get all the way over to Supervisor via the NW Pass.
       Upper Green Weaver - A groomed cruiser that has great views at the start. It hangs a pretty sharp left before it reaches the Kennebago chair area and this can get bumped up and icy later in the day.
       Lower Green Weaver is a modest pitch but fun run out back to the Rangeley. 

      Green Hornet - Hang a right on the lower section of Green Weaver to access. There are some interesting natural features / jumps on the side of the trail. Exits at the Rangeley Chair or you can continue down Dusty Miller to the South Branch chair.
           Lower Intimidator Glade - Challenging glade accessed skiers left off Green Weaver with some fairly open sections . Bottom section has a pretty challenging pitch before it exits onto The Pass.
           Lower Nightmare Glade - Tight glade accessed skiers left off Green Weaver. Not an obvious entrance so look for the signs. A fairly long run that usually contains good snow and exits alongside Intimidator.
      *Peachy's Peril - Great natural snow ungroomed bump run. Skiers left usually contains nice wind blown powder when the conditions are right. Use caution at the intersection with Col. Bates as there is a spring that usually ices up this portion of the trail. Stay to skiers right! After crossing The Pass the pitch is less demanding but often holds great snow due to most people turning right for the Kennebago chair.
     Col. Bates - Accessed skiers left from Peachy's Peril Pretty much an ungroomed connector trail to the bottom of Professor. Best used to access the Thrombosis Glade.
           Thrombosis Glade - A great glade that holds loads of snow that is accessed skiers right off Col. Bates. Very steep entry and it maintains a pretty constant pitch. After crossing The Pass, the lower section is less demanding and one can find some hidden powder stashes. Exits via a narrow chute to the lower section of Peachy's Peril.
      Upper Jane Craig - Ungroomed trail that shares the entry with Upper Professor. Turn right a couple of hundred yards in. Offers a constant pitch until a very steep cliff section. Look skiers left for a great glade cut and a boulder huck. Ski this early on a powder day as the cliff section gets exposed with skier traffic. 
      *Lower Jane Craig -  One of the hidden trail gems on the mountain. Great groomer trail when groomed, and loads of fun ungroomed, with offshoot trails to skiers left in for ungroomed powders stashes. Light traffic means great conditions all day. Access from The Pass
      *Upper Professor -   Very similar to Upper Jane Craig. Stay left at the top fork. Need to navigate a similar steep cliff section that needs to be skied early on powder days.
     Lower Professor - Nice narrow typically groomed run that winds it way back to the Rangeley chair with many rises and falls in the trail. Access from The Pass.
      *Upper Royal Coachman -   Great groomer run that runs under the Rangeley chair. Often the skiers left side is left ungroomed to allow you to show people in the chair how it is done.
       Lower Royal Coachman -  Continuation of Royal Coachman offering a nice run back to the Rangeley Chair. Access available as well from Lower Professor.
       *Grey Ghost -  Great intermediate groomed bomber run offering three distinct pitches. After each pitch you get a chance to catch your breath before tackling the next one. Remember to stay in control as this is a popular trail for skiers of all ability levels! Look skiers right in the top section for powder stashes and some tree skiing.
      Doodlebug -  A connector trail off skiers left of Grey Ghost to get to   Parmachenee Belle and skiers right to Golden Smelt.   Look for access points when starting down the pitch after crossing The Pass.
      Muddler - Groomed access trail towards the bottom of Grey Ghost to get back to the Cupsuptic T-Bar or hop into the Terrain Park on Wheeler. Look for it on skiers left.
      *Golden Smelt -   Classic narrow ungroomed bump run. Top offers a cliff drop or stay skiers left to go around cliff. Rest of the trail offers great turns and bumps back to the Rangeley chair.
      Jitterbug -  Access trail to get to Hudson Highway or continue down to the Cupsuptic T-Bar trails. Take skiers left a couple of hundred yards down Grey Ghost then veer right at junction with Hudson Highway.
      Sneaky Pete - Access is via Jitterbug. A moderate pitch that exits back onto Gray Ghost.
     * Hudson Highway- A short skate from the Rangeley Chair unload area. Starts off fairly easy but there is a somewhat steep section at the intersection with Jitterbug that could cause new skiers to pause. After this section stay skiers left for a groomed, narrow, fun and relaxing run that winds its way back to the Cupsuptic T-Bar area. Try to carry speed at the end of the trail to avoid excessive poling.
      Bea Wee Pass -  A short connector trail accessed from skiers right on  Hudson Highway It accesses the  Devil trails right below the first pitch.
     Rock Pond - A series of c onnector trails to access to Rock Pond condos accessed skiers left off Hudson Highway.
      Morning Glory -  Connector trail that links up the Magalloway homesites with the South Branch chair. Access from  Hudson Highway. 

MaineSkiFamily Tip: Check out our Gear Guide for tips on gear to help make your day on the mountain more enjoyable!

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 Kennebago Quad Area

Installed in 2008, the Kennebago Quad chair services primarily expert terrain in the upper bowl of the mountain. The trails serviced from the chair include:

Trail descriptions are ordered from skiers right to skiers left.  To view a high-resolution Saddleback  2023-24 trail map  click here An asterisk (*) next to the trail name indicates this is a MaineSkiFamily favorite!

     Dazzler - A flat connector trail that services all the advanced expert terrain. After reaching Wardens Worry, it gets pretty flat with some uphill segments to reach Casablanca and Muleskinner. The length of the traverse is challenging but it thins out the skiers and leaves the snow quite fresh in the far skier right area.
           *Muleskinner - Probably the most challenging trail on the mountain. A narrow winding ungroomed bumped trail with some steep pitches and islands of trees to ski around and through. Great views and access to chute #4 of Casablanca from the top of the trail which is a bit easier access if the regular glade entry points are skied off.
     Nymph - This is the run out trail at the bottom of Muleskinner and Casablanca. Very flat and its sole purpose is to get you back to the Kennebago chair. Trail is typically groomed.
           *Casablanca Glades Chutes #4-#3 - These chutes are typically more wide open and you can let your skis run a bit in this part of the glade. Initial entry is narrow but it opens up quickly. It does tighten up towards the bottom and follows the same contours as Muleskinner so some steep pitches are to be navigated. This glade is very big and you will not ski the same run twice.
          Casablanca Glades Chutes #2-#1 - These pitches are tighter and the snow tends to stay fresher longer in this more sheltered section of the glade. Keep to skiers left in the glade and you get dumped out on Black Beauty. Again this glade is huge and you will find new lines on each run.
       *Black Beauty -  A great natural snow ungroomed trail that winds down the edge of the Casablanca glade. A side cut  entrance to Casablanca #1 is skiers right at the top of the trail. This trail gets a lot of wind blown powder deposits on skiers left.
       *Frost Bite - A very similar trail to Black Beauty. Top head wall has trouble holding snow so access from a cross cut on  Tight Line is sometimes required. 
      Wardens Worry - Awesome trail on a powder day. Fairly straight but offers a great pitch with a fun rock jump in the middle of the trail towards the bottom. Headwall access is sometimes sketchy so cut in from Tight Line is sometimes required .
       *Tight Line - A big, awesome, wide and groomed expert bomber. After a steep headwall, speed is maintained via a great pitch. Ski the headwall early in the day and if the headwall gets scraped off you can skip the headwall via Firefly.
      Lower Tight Line - A continuation of the Tight Line trail that starts skiers right at the bottom of Tight Line and offers an enjoyable trek back to the Rangeley chair. Pretty light traffic so the conditions usually very good on this trail if there is enough snow.
     Supervisor -  A narrow run, that more recently has typically been left ungroomed, that has a few twists and turns. Pretty steep so quick accurate turns required. Look skiers left halfway down for access to lower part of Dark Wizard Glade.
           Dark Wizard Glade - Extremely challenging glade that is steep and tight. Top section can get scraped off and can be skipped by going down Tri-Color to Firefly. This glade is a blast when there is lots of snow.
      Firefly - Cross-cut connector trail that starts on Tri-Color and ends at Wardens Worry. Good trail to use when the head walls of the upper mountain trails are icy or closed. 
      Family Secret - Under the chairlift trail which often offers car sized moguls in spots. Have your mojo on when doing this trail for your fans on the lift. Access is best from a short side-cut trail off the Dark Wizard Glade access from Firefly.
           Upper Governor Glade - Glade that is rarely open as it needs loads of snow, but a fairly reasonable pitch that exits at the top of Governor. This exit can be a bit tricky if there is not a bunch of snow.
           *Governor - Ungroomed trail with great natural snow and numerous powder stashes. The top headwall is pretty rocky so access is often best from a connector via Family Secret or goat trail path from  Intimidator Glade
      Tri-Color - Groomer run from the top of the mountain down to the Rangeley chair. Under heavy traffic, can sometimes get bumped up or icy on top. Look for access to Firefly right before the left turn at the bottom of the main initial pitch. 
           Intimidator Glade - Really nice glade accessed from Tri-Color. Great tree spacing and pitch and a very long run. Exits at the bottom of Governor out to Green Weaver.
          *Nightmare Glade - A more wide open glade found skiers right off Tri-Color. If the top looks rocky, ski down Tri-Color a bit and look for a small connector trail on skiers right. Great glade with islands of trees to ski around and through with lots of natural jump features. On a powder day hit this glade first before heading over the Casablanca. 
      *America -  Gentle cruiser from the top offering the easiest way down the from the top. Outstanding views of Mt. Washington, Presidential's and Rangeley Lakes. Slight pitch towards the bottom of this trail before it exits to Hudson Highway. Probably could be designated a green trail and is definitely the easiest way down from the top.

MaineSkiFamily Tip - You can link America > Hudson Highway > Morning Glory for a great 3.1 mile cruiser run. Check out the video of this run at this link. FYI: Morning Glory does contain a road crossing.

Uphill travel  is supported via a dedicated uphill route via a single track trail that starts at the base lodge and ends at the top of the Kennebago chair. 

Saddleback does offer snowfield skiing from the summit when conditions allow. A short hike from the top of the Kennebago is required. This is definitely ski at your own risk as there is no ski patrol coverage above the Kennebago lift. You can drop from down from the snowfields into Wardens Worry.

There are some special off-map areas we like to visit too, but we will let you find those on your own as you explore the mountain! Enjoy all that Saddleback has to offer!

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A Family Skiing in Maine: Saddleback Maine Ski Trail Map Guide
Saddleback Maine Ski Trail Map Guide
Detailed guide and videos to the lifts and ski trails at Saddleback Maine Ski Area.
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