Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ski Trip Report - Saddleback - December 31, 2011

In what started as a very wet day turned into a very enjoyable afternoon at Saddleback Maine.

@MaineSkiFamily is staying with friends at a condo in Saddleback and it was very handy today. The boys got out on the slope around 9AM in a fairly steady rain. It was 36 degrees at the base so freezing rain was not a problem up high like it was in the valleys. The snow was actually pretty good, but we got kinda wet. My new gore text gloves I got for Christmas kept my hands nice and dry however. We called it good for the morning around10AM and got back to the condo to dry out by the fire and warm up.

We got back on the hill about 1:30 and it had stopped raining and we had a very enjoyable afternoon! Saddleback is offering 3 ways down from the top of the Rangeley chair. The snow was wet, and it was getting scrapped off a bit in the middle of the trail, but you could still get an edge in and the skiing was pretty good. The cover is still very good and no rocks or anything showing. We found the left side of Green Weaver quite enjoyable hopping in and out of the side of the trail where all the loose snow was.

No pictures this trip. I have seem to have lost my camera unfortunately. I may have to resort to a backup next trip.

I think the skiing is going to be OK tomorrow. Temps in the 30's and some sun hopefully. The snow should be soft and carveable... and it is always fun to ski with friends. Get out there and support your local ski mountain! You can't do anything about the weather and conditions so you might as well make the best of it and have fun!

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