Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ski Trip Report - Saddleback - January 1, 2012

Another good day at Saddleback Maine. Pretty much the same as yesterday less the rain. The open trails skied well early but got scraped off towards mid-day. Overall Saddleback is putting out a very good product considering this horrid start to winter we have had. They had a decent crowd their today which was good to see.

Alec took a pretty good hit on his shoulder today. It is pretty sore and we will see what the new day brings. Hopefully it is not too serious but he is probably out of action for a while. Not great timing with the start of the high school Alpine racing this week but hopefully his young body will heal quickly!

On New Years Eve the Saddleback fireworks were cancelled due to fog (Fog on New Years Eve???) but Alec shot this cool picture with our glow rings Saddleback passed out. Happy New Year everyone! Lets hope 2012 brings us some big snow dumps!

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