Thursday, December 13, 2012

Opening Day Q&A with Saddleback GM Chris Farmer

We @MaineSkiFamily are fired up for the opening of Saddleback this Saturday December 15th! Saddleback General Manager Chris Farmer is busy getting Saddleback ready for opening day but he graciously took a few minutes to answer some questions about the new upcoming season at Saddleback.

What trails are likely to be open for opening day?
Upper and lower Royal Coachman.  Upper and Lower Grey Ghost and Wheeler
@MaineSkiFamily Comment - Getting Coachman open earlier is different than in the past years. Great trail along with Ghost!

What are the next trails going on-line in the snow making plan?
Next will be Royal Tiger then Green Weaver.
@MaineSkiFamily Comment - Light em up!

What's new at Saddleback for 2012-13?
Royal Tiger was widened and built up.   Several trails were smoothed out so that they could be open with less natural snow. A lot of new offerings in food and beverage as we have a new manager there.
@MaineSkiFamily Comment - Awesome! Best learning area in Maine getting even better. We got our ski season passes last summer and will take advantage of getting $25 loaded on the pass to use in the food court. Looking forward to the new offerings! 

What's your favorite trail at Saddleback?
Blue Devil and Supervisor
@MaineSkiFamily Comment - good choices. Classic winding New England Trails. Learn about all 66 Saddleback trails at my definitive Saddleback Trail Guide.

What is one thing someone might not know about Saddleback that they should know?
It's warmer than you think.
@MaineSkiFamily - I second that. If you can ski the woods, you can always get out of the wind. The lodge and the fireplace is a great place to warm up on cold days. If you think it is too cold to ski you just have inferior equipment. Saddleback ski shop can help you out with that!

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Chris. Here is to a great 2012-13 ski season! See you on the slopes!

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  1. Thanks, Michael. Any word on latest timing for replacement of the Rangeley chair? Or - after many years of discussion - is this just something we're not even talking about anymore?

  2. My perception is that it is next on the list of major capital improvements. However, it will take an EB5 investor or a new owner to make it a reality.


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