Monday, January 14, 2013

Ski Trip Report - Saddleback January 13, 2013

We headed up to Saddleback for a little January spring skiing. While southern Maine was mostly in the clouds, Saddleback was in sunshine and temps warmed up to around 50. A bit odd for January but a typical January thaw is not too unusual.

Lots of Snow and Great Views at Saddleback
The snowpack is still pretty deep at Saddleback. Some of the groomed trails that they have not made snow on yet this year (Red and Blue Devil, Lower tight line etc) were showing some thin spots and will probably need some snow making when it gets colder, but all the natural trails and snow making trails still had great coverage.

Skiing on the groomed trails was good. The surface held up and was quite carveable and fun. The natural trails and glades were a bit odd. It seemed they were not packed down enough so you ended up sinking in a few inches into very heavy snow making it quite difficult to turn. The only natural trail that acted 'springlike' that I found was Peachy's Peril. My guess is that it had enough traffic to pack it down, and I could ride on top of the snow just getting an edge in without breaking through. Perhaps better skiers than I could make more of it but I didn't see many people off groomed terrain today.

Light crowd and it was ski on the lifts all day. We booked a condo for the MLK weekend at Saddleback. Looks like the cold is coming back and not a whole lot of snow chances this week, so I will sharpen up the edges and make the best of it! We almost always have a good time skiing in Maine whatever the conditions.

Please Help my Son in a College Scholarship Video Contest

On a separate note, if you enjoy reading this blog I would appreciate you voting for my son's video entry in the Joe Foss institute scholarship program. The Joe Foss organization asked students to create a video that would remind viewers why our freedoms, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights are worth defending. First prize is a $10,000 college scholarship.

Alec interviewed and created a video about Maine's and Freeport's own Freeport Flag Ladies. Elaine, Carmen and JoAnn are truly inspirational American hero's and remind us how valuable our freedoms are.

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Thanks for your help! Here is a great picture Alec took looking up Tight Line.

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