Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ski Trip Report - Saddleback January 19, 2013

A surprisingly good day for @MaineSkiFamily at Saddleback Maine today. After the warm up last weekend, then the deep freeze mid week we were not sure what to expect. However, Saddleback did a very good job refreshing some trails with snow making and a couple of the natural trails that were open skied pretty well.

Isaac's Magic White Out Trick with 1" of Snow
Saddleback picked up an inch or snow of snow overnight and it lightly snowed off and on during the day making it a fun day. Skiers left of some of the groomed trails like Royal Coachman, Tight Line and Lower Professor had some nice fluff to play around in. In the morning the groomers skied really well with nice soft cord to sink your edges into. Some of the main trails started showing some slick spots in the afternoon but it was not too hard to find some snow to turn in. We stayed out of the woods and natural trails for the most part, but the left side of upper Peachy's Peril held some soft turns. 

We are taking advantage of the holiday and rented a Saddleback condo for the long weekend. There is nothing like waking up, eating breakfast, getting dressed and clicking into your skis. We are looking forward to doing it again tomorrow but the wind forecast looks a bit iffy. I predict the morning the lifts will be spinning but the winds could be really cranking by mid day. However, Saddleback's northwest lift orientation should help. We will make the best of it whatever happens. You can learn about anticipating ski lift wind holds at my blog post about this subject.

Whatever the conditions we love Skiing in Maine!

Tight Line skied very well in the morning. Alec zooming by me kicking up lots of snow.

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