Sunday, February 10, 2013

Good Day at Camden Snow Bowl

Camden Snow Bowl and the A-Frame Base Lodge
After digging out 2+ feet of snow from the driveway on Saturday, @MaineSkiFamily was torn today. Saddleback was reporting 14" of snow, and we knew we would have a killer time there. However, we like to visit other mountains from time to time and  Camden Snow Bowl was reporting 31" of snow. We have visited Camden once before and liked it a lot. Camden is one of those places you have to visit when the snow is on as being close to the coast often leads to warm weather and mixed precipitation. So Camden it was today and we know Saddleback will keep delivering the goods for us later this year.

We have not skied as a family since MLK weekend because of some lousy weather and the boys being busy with their high school race teams. However, that will wrap up soon with the State Class C championships at Big Rock in Mars Hill. (A new Maine mountain to review!) Today was also the United States Toboggan Championships at Camden Snow Bowl so we knew the base area was busy but we hoped the mountain itself would have a reasonable crowd.

Alec Finding Some Nice Fresh
We pulled in and got a parking space and booted up in the cozy A-Frame lodge. We got one run in and the snow was really good. The sun was shining, the temps were in the 20's and the snow on the groomed trails was spot-on with some fluff on the sides to play in.

We were hoping the glades would be ready. Although they got a legitimate 30", the woods still need a bit more. The problem was the woods had zero snow before this snow so there was not a base to build on. Therefore rocks, roots etc. were easy to catch with the skis. So for the most part we had to stay out of the trees which was a bit disappointing.

Monster Lift Line
Camden had an awesome day revenue wise. The toboggan run was busy with contestants and spectators and the ski area had a great crowd. It was great to see a community hill having such a great day. Unfortunately for whatever reason, they did not open the T-Bar to the summit. Therefore, only one double-lift was open and we had to manage very long lift lines approaching 30 minutes. This was really a bummer. Rumor had it that the t-bar was either broken or the staff that would normally man the lift was busy at the Toboggan area running the championships. Whatever the reason was, it did put a damper on the day that we had to wait so long in the lift lines. We skied from 9-2 but with no sign of the lift lines abating we decided to call it an early day after only getting 7-8 runs in.

Regardless, we had a good day and I am glad we supported such a great community hill. When the snow is on, and the Toboggan championships are not running, we highly recommend Camden Snow Bowl.

The Blizzard Dumped Snow on Camden! Alec Standing in a Waist Deep Drift.

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