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Great Glade Day at Black Mountain of Maine February 8, 2014

@AlecPhoto getting some goods in Upper Beaver Glade

We had a fabulous day at Black Mountain of Maine today. We were able to enjoy the results of the hard work by the Angry Beavers of Black Mountain - the glade cutters of the mountain. They have done a super job and we had a really good time enjoying the glades they have cut.

We skied fluff all day in the glades today
Black is a place we like to hit after a mid-week storm. Since they are open Friday - Sunday non-vacation
weeks, we know there would be some fresh to be had after Wednesday's 12" of fluff. We were not disappointed. We were able to meet up with Jeff and Jerry Marcoux - the primary "Angry Beaver" glade cutters. They joined us for a few runs in the morning giving us a tour of the glades. They are both exceptional skiers and we appreciated the guided tour they provided. We found all the glades fun with Upper Beaver and Ally oop our favorites.

@ISalisbury with a Grab and some Air

It was a very nice day. Chilly but sunny and there was a nice crowd on the hill. Hopefully they made some money today. At $15 for a lift ticket - you really can't go wrong. I wonder if some people see the lift ticket price advertised and think it is a small bump of a hill. How wrong they are if they think so! 1100 feet of vertical puts it in the size of Mt. Abram and Shawnee Peak, and the new glades put it on the map as far as challenge for the more advanced skier while offering great beginner terrain for the new skier as well as nice blue runs for the intermediate skier.

Another run we like a lot is right down the lift line. They leave the snow under the chair ungroomed and allows for some fun bumps and jumps for the fans on the lift. Then we can jog left and go down our favorite trail name in Maine... "DEAD CAMBRIDGE".

Go hit up Black this year. They are under a new ownership arrangement - a local non-profit largely made up of volunteers. Go show your support and have a great time at Black!

Here is a video from our day. You will see we were able to find a whole bunch of untracked in the glades. Loads of fun!

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