Saturday, April 26, 2014

How many days to pay off a skiing season pass?

Saddleback Maine's 2014-15 early bird season pass pricing expires April 30. With lift ticket prices going up $10 next year (Adults $69/$59 Juniors $59/$49) evaluating Saddleback's season pass options make a lot of sense in the planning of your recreation dollars.

Every year I go through an analysis of how many times we have to ski to 'pay off' the pass. There are other non-financial benefits to the pass such has not having to stand in a ticket line and they psychological feeling you don't have to ski first chair to last chair. However, Saddleback has quite a few season pass options for your financial consideration..

I am the Sr. Product Manager for a company called Quantrix and we make a multi-dimensional planning software application and it always comes in pretty handy each year when I do this exercise. Here is a screen capture of my results.

The Payoff Days is the key result. This is how many days it would take to "pay off" the season pass when comparison to buying daily lift tickets. You have to make an assumption on how many Saturday Holiday days you will ski at the higher lift ticket prices as that impacts the final result. So for the adults in our family, it will take 11 ski days each year to pay off the pass. Alec and his Maine College pass will be 4 days and Isaac 3 ski days if he makes the honor roll PEAK pass program.

Prices go up April 30!

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