Monday, July 28, 2014

New Glade in the Works at Saddleback

Recently Saddleback sent out a newsletter email and their was an interesting new development in the ski terrain. They are planning a new gladed area between Red Devil and Hudson Highway. They are looking for volunteers for moving cut timber and brush. This is great news and I hope they get a great turnout for helpers!

Double Black Diamond Glade!A note from Peter Stein who is leading the volunteer part of this project. If you are looking for a great way to contribute to Saddleback, please consider joining our new volunteer trail maintenance and clearing crew.   We will work with the Jimmy, Jared, and the rest of the Saddleback mountain team to make new trails and maintain all the great trails we have.   Our first new trail project will be to glade out the area bounded by Red Devil, Hudson Highway, and the Bee Wee Pass. This area is almost as large as Casablanca and will produce both a large intermediate glade and some exciting steeps.   Volunteering is an excellent way to help the mountain, get some great outdoor exercise, and make the Saddleback ski experience even better. To join, one needs to be in good hiking condition and able to walk over rough mountain terrain. You do not need to be able to use power equipment such as chain saws. A great deal of the work simply involves moving cut timber and brush. Our first work dates will be over Labor Day weekend, August 30 through September 1, and the second work dates will be during Fall Festival, September 20-21.  More will be scheduled through October depending on interest.  

Please contact Peter Stein via email or 603-321-5042 for more information and to sign up.    
We are hoping to make a lot of progress this year, but it relies on enough volunteers to make the total effort worthwhile. So please contact Peter Stein as soon as possible.


  1. Hi, I just came across your blog. We are a NYC-based family that has traditionally skied in VT in December. However, we were thinking of going to Maine this year to ski. But I dont know what the snowfall looks like in December in Maine. Do you have any recommendations? (Or do you think we'll be better off with staying in VT?) I was considering Sunday River and Sugarloaf. Thanks!

    1. I think you will find the snowfall rates similar between Maine and Vermont. As you know - December is hit or miss in the Northeast but I think you will find Sunday River puts a priority on early season snow making and likely would have the most terrain open in December. Sugarloaf does a good job but doesn't have the on-hlll snow making capacity as Sunday River. That being said - we typically visit Sugarloaf early season over Sunday River as we like the vibe at Sugarloaf better. You will have fun at either place.


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