Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Saddleback Maine Red Devil Glade Update

This Saturday (September 20th) there is going to be a volunteer work day up at Saddleback to help cut the new Red Devil glade. Isaac and I are heading up to lend a hand to the volunteer crew that is helping out the professionals that are shaping this new terrain.

Peter Stein, who is organizing the volunteers, was kind enough to send me some pictures of progress to date which I have posted below. They made great progress the first day and are looking for more volunteers to help this Saturday. If you would like to help contact Peter via email pstein@scisol.com or call 603-321-5042.

This glade is going to be really fun to ski! This is a great intermediate area of the mountain that should give intermediate skiers their first taste of glade skiing while giving expert skiers some great new terrain options on the lower mountain. It will be hard work, but certainly rewarding to lend a hand to this effort.

White shaded area is progress after first work day. They are hoping to make it up to the tree island on Red Devil Saturday

This looks GREAT!

Imagine this covered in white. (Insert emoticon for DROOL here)
This hard work will pay off in spades come this winter.
Stay tuned to my @MaineSkiFamily twitter feed and my A Family Skiing in Maine facebook page on Saturday. I will try to post updates as we make progress up the mountain.

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