Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bluebird March Ski Day at Saddleback

What a gorgeous mid-week ski day at Saddleback. A co-worker and I took the day off and enjoyed a
Could not beat the view today at Saddleback
bluebird no wind day. Temps were upper 20's to lower 30's with great views and great snow. 

The groomer were spot-on. The woods and bumps were a bit firm, but easy to get an edge in and everything was a lot of fun.

Last weekend I broke my trusty Rossi Phantoms that were 170cm in length and 87 underfoot. I really liked these skis but they were 6 years old and I had a lot of great runs on them. Today was a good day to ride some demos from the Saddleback ski shop.

I first got on some Solomon Quest 90 underfoot 177cm in length. These skis rocked the groomers. I could lay down both quick and long arching turns. Just a tad too long in the woods and bumps however and did not feel comfortable on those skis off the groomed trials.   

So then I tried out some Blizzard Bramhas 173cm 88 underfoot. These skis were quick and lively and I found them very good in the trees and bumps. It was the first time I have skied a ski with a rocker so I had to push my shins into the front of my boot to really engage the edge. Overall I liked these skis quite well. 

However, I wanted to try something a bit wider, so I got on the Blizzard Bonafides 173cm 98 underfoot. These skis still felt great in the woods and bumps, I could engage them a little easier on the groomers and I just felt like I had a little more meat under my feet. I love to ski through the crud and variable snow on the edges of the trial and this ski really plowed through that stuff nicely. So that is my winner and I took them home. 

The Blizzard Bonafide's - I am a happy camper!
For mid-week there was a decent crowd at Saddleback soaking up the sun and fine weather. Looks like a bit of wet weather is coming so I am am ready for some spring skiing corn harvest! Get out there and ski it!

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