Monday, March 16, 2015

Free Refills for a Stellar March Saddleback Sunday

Old Man Finding some Fresh at Saddleback
We had a great March 14-15 weekend in the mountains for western Maine. On Saturday, we went to Sugarloaf to ski and Isaac participated in the Ski the East freestyle competition. Isaac did well ripping his way down Ripsaw in front of the judges and had a good time. The skiing overall was OK - it was pretty icy due to the recent thaw freeze cycle but we still got some good turns in.

In the freestyle contest, the Sugarloaf event manager was on the microphone at the bottom of the course announcing competitors, home mountain and other info about them. When he announced Isaac skied at Saddleback he booed. I admit it was good natured ribbing and the announcer was trying to keep things lively. Saddleback and Sugarloaf are competitors after all. Not a huge deal but not a great way to treat a guest on the mountain either... especially considering the over $300 I spent at Sugarloaf Saturday on lift tickets and entry fees. Next time maybe I will just keep that cash in my pocket and go ski Saddleback.

Rant over and on to Sunday where we skied the best mountain in Maine IMHO - Saddleback. It was
awesome. We stayed the night at the Rangeley Inn and awoke to 3" of snow. According to the radar it looked like the snow was over but my oldest Alec swore we were going to get more. He was right! After a bit of freezing fog early, it starting snowing at 10am and kept snowing hard the rest of the day. Free refills! I am guessing we had 7" when we stopped skiing and it was still snowing hard.

By mid-day it was a whole lotta THIS!
Juley Finding Fresh on Black Beauty
Everything skied great and by the afternoon ski patrol opened the head walls of Wardens Worry, Frost Bite and Black Beauty. The snow just kept piling up and there was powder everywhere. Deep soft turns until our legs gave out around 3pm. Nice crowd on the hill, people on chairs all the time and in the true Saddleback way, most of the day we had the trials to ourselves. Saddleback has great terrain and just does not overcrowd the trails. Each run is unique and a true Maine ski experience.

Here is the video from our day. Highlights include the boys ripping the snowfields skiers right of Wardens Worry at 1:02; Old Man Cam at 1:09 including nice wipe out in Thrombosis; and our boys Alec and Isaac just ripping it up everywhere at Saddleback. One of the best days of the year and we have had a bunch of good ones!

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