Saturday, April 4, 2015

An April Powder Day at Saddleback Maine

The incredible ski season of 2014-15 continued on April 4, 2015 with a fun powder day at Saddleback.

Lots of snow in Lower Thrombosis Glade
Friday April 3rd by all accounts was a warm and sunny spring day with hero snow and bumps. What a difference a few hours makes - back to winter! On Saturday we drove up from Freeport in the rain but it changed to snow just a few miles outside of Rangeley. It snowed steadily all morning piling up to around 4" and we got some really sweet powder turns in late morning. Upper nightmare skied incredibly well. We hit the Governor head wall and found some sweet turns on this trail. Early in the day turns on Frost Bite, Black Beauty and Wardens Worry did not disappoint.

We were looking for some more great upper mountain turns after our lunch but the wind picked up as predicted and put the two upper chairs on wind hold. So we did a couple of runs off the T-Bar but the snow on the lower mountain was a bit warmer and not quite as good, so we called it around 2:30 very satisfied with our ski day.

It's April 4th?
It is a different world up at Saddleback. The snow is DEEP and will easily last throughout the season. It may be mud season back home but the spring skiing at Saddleback is and will continue to be most excellent. Saddleback will be open weekends at least through April 19th and maybe longer if the skiers support the mountain - so get out there and enjoy it!

Happy Easter everyone. Here is our video edit of the day. Our turns down Nightmare glade at 0:55 were quite fun for all of us!

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