Saturday, November 28, 2015

2015-16 Season - First Ski Day at Sugarloaf

All hail snow making!
As we await news on the ownership status at our beloved Saddleback we got a few early-season runs in at Sugarloaf.

Sugarloaf had three main ways down the mountain. Hayburner and Kings that dumped out onto Candyside and Tote Road.

Kudos to Sugarloaf for putting some snow on the trails. They needed it because it was HOT. Temps in the mid-50's made for some spring like turns. The steeper sections of the trails were pretty fun and we found a few bumps to play around on. They had not groomed the snow making whales on Hayburner yet so there were mountains of snow to ski around.

Even though it felt like May it was still fun to get out on our skis again! We are off on the 2015-16 ski season!

Opening the season at Sugarloaf with some "spring like" turns

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