Thursday, June 27, 2013

2012-13 @MaineSkiFamily Ski Season Review

We are in the midst of summer but looking back we had a great 2012-13 ski season. As a family, we got on the slopes 20 times, starting December 15 November 21 and ending March 30. The boys got on skis another 18 times with their practices and races for the Freeport High School varsity ski team. I am a little bummed we did not ski in April but our April non-skiing schedule didn't make it possible this year.

The mountains our family skied at this year include:
Saddleback was Great All Year

Overall I thought the weather treated us pretty well this year. There were a few warm ups, but nothing disastrous and the mountains were able to maintain their snow pack right into April. We were able to enjoy fresh powder on occasion and we always had fun. Most ski areas reported strong results. 

I guess Saddleback is still for sale. After a flurry of news at the start of the ski season, nothing much has been said publicly about a potential sale or change in organizational structure. I guess it is business as usual until we hear something different. Running a ski area isn't easy as the folks at Black Mountain know. Hopefully a new investment can come forward to keep that place running. It is a great mountain that does many positive things for the community and skiing in Maine in general.

We are heading into the July 4 weekend and we are certainly enjoying our summer months. But before you know it I will be updating the ski-swap post for 2013 and the mountain snow guns will start firing up. Stay safe and have fun and we will be back this fall to do it all again!

@MaineSkiFamily Snow Making Pond


  1. When will you post the ski sales for 2013? Thanks!

    1. I think around September most clubs start organizing and advertising their ski sales. I will be sure to get my list up! The earliest one is usually the Columbus day weekend CVA sale up at Sugarloaf.


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