Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Hike at Saddleback

Three of the @MaineSkiFamily clan took a day to travel to Saddleback to do a little summer hiking to the top. It was a good day for hiking. Temps in the lower 70's at the bottom... in the 50's at the top and hit or miss rain showers most of the day. 
Approaching Rain Shower at the Top of the Rangeley

There is a trail up Grey Ghost to Tri-Color. Once you get to the top of the Kennabago Chair there is a short trail to get to the Appalachian Trail. Once there hang a left to get to the Summit of Saddleback at 4,116 feet. 

Takeaways from our hike:

  • Chairlifts are good. Even slow ones like the Rangeley. Gray Ghost is steeper than it looks.
  • It takes a ton of snow to cover the trails and glades.
  • People need to clean up after themselves. We ducked into the warming hut to avoid a rain shower and there was trash kind of strewn around the place. It wasn't a wreck but c'mon people... carry in carry out! We helped clean it up a bit.
  • Taking your hiking boots off after a hike feels REALLY GOOD.
It was great to breathe some Saddleback air this weekend and enjoy nature. We will enjoy the rest of our summer and fall, but before you know it ski swap season will be upon us!

Here are some pics from the day.

Kennabago Chair Waiting for Winter

Entrance to Dark Wizard Glade - Yeah We Can Ski That

In the Clouds at 4,116 Feet

Beautiful Day Looking Down Tri-color

Entrance to Nightmare Glades

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