Monday, December 30, 2013

Saddleback Dec 29, 2013 - A Lesson in "Side Stash"

@MaineSkiFamily decided to make a trip to Saddleback Maine today. Big Surprise right? We were considering waiting until New Years day on Wednesday but the mid-week forecast looks impossibly cold (see where we get our weather on the web) so we made the trip today and we will see what Wednesday brings. Regardless, Saddleback is skiing great so we encourage you to get on up there and get in some skiing this holiday week.

Very similar to our trip on Friday but Saddleback got the upper quad going and turns on Tri-Color were available to the masses. As typical early in the year, with limited terrain open all the folks get funneled down the same trail and conditions tend to deteriorate as the day goes on. The middle of the trails get scraped as the snow gets pushed to the.... sides. We call this skiing the "side stash" and there was plenty of it to be had today.

It is actually quite fun. You have to do quick, precise turns but the bonus is that you get plenty of soft snow to turn in. This is great practice for the glade and mogul runs that await us later in the year. We found lots of stash skiers left on Royal Coachman and skiers right on Gray Ghost. So the next time you are lamenting ice and hard pack in the middle of the trail, look to the sides and ski the stash.

Take a look at this GoPro Hero 3+ edit for some good lessons in "Side Stash Skiing" from A Family Skiing in Maine. Happy New Year everyone!

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