Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Quick Peek at the New Saddleback Glade - Wolly Bugger

This fall @MaineSkiFamily helped out the volunteer sawyers and mountain staff to help create a new Saddleback glade skiers left of Red Devil. You can view our fall glade work report here. The volunteer crew and mountain management kept with the fly fishing tradition of trail names and named this glade Wolly Bugger.

Quick Pic from an Early Skier of the  Wolly Bugger Glade
This weekend, the glade was open for the first time. We were at Saddleback on Saturday and didn't realize the glade was open, but we were having too much fun off the NW Pass to think about investigating its status fully. Next time we will be sure to check out Wolly Bugger and share our adventures. 

Fortunately some of the folks that did most of the hard work in the glade got first tracks in which is most appropriate. Some of the reports from the skiers and riders that experienced Wolly Bugger are:
  • It was great!
  • It was cool - Tight at the top some good drop downs.
  • It has a whole different feel than any other glade on the hill.
  • Liked it so much skied it twice!
  • Longer than I imagined ..with some good pitch and lots of big features...
We are looking forward to experiencing Wolly Bugger for the first time as well! Congrats and thanks to the volunteers and mountain crew for making this glade a reality this winter!

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